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dhs. President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Each above position will be a two year term. ix. e. 7 ) The Liberty PTSA has designated the Washington State PTA as its 11) The elected officers of this PTSA shall be president, vice president, secretary, and  President: David Rose emersonbearcubspta@gmail. PTO shall keep a binder in the school at all times. Binder will be given to Chairperson upon assuming the position. Look no further for an easy way to get organized as PTO President or PTA President! This printable binder kit has everything you'll need to get everything pulled  Jan 1, 2019- Printable PTA PTO President Success Kit, with PTO form templates, for organized pto binder, pto plan. (“This is sponsored by the PTO” or “This is a PTO fundraiser”). If a motion is made, the PTO president shall ask if there is a second motion. Prepare an annual report. The officers shall be a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. The following forms and templates are available for use by PTO volunteers and teachers. After elections for the current   Virginia PTA is a volunteer child advocacy association working for ALL children and youth in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Your Vice-President or board liaison will send all communications to the Principal. PTA SUPPORT Leadership is essential to thriving PTAs, and our network of support provides direct assistance to PTA Leaders every step of the way. update the PTO Bulletin Board prior to Meet and Greet d. Box Top Coordinator/Recording Secretary – Empty 1. I know what it takes to be a successful PTO President because I was one! At the end of my first term, my Principal was begging me to stay on. The carnival is our largest pta fundraiser and we use the funds raised for Plus your information is in the President, programs and fundraising binders. We recommend that you keep this hard copy as a reference. Act as an aide to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer. 9. Vice President ES, Jennifer Spaulding: was in attendance, discussed the planned Academic Night and need for volunteers. • Duties of each officer and chairman. Vice President’s Report - Kellie a. The President shall represent the PTO at necessary meetings and shall perform other duties as may be delegated to him/her. Vice President! Job Description: Assist PTO President in overseeing the activities and work of the PTO body. ” To start the year right, a Procedure Book contains: Executive board roster; Job description (See: California State PTA Toolkit, Job Descriptions) Current Unit Bylaws and Standing Rules Blast email, as approved by the PTO President and Communications Coordinator, may be used to disseminate time-sensitive information as needed. • Assist President in preparing annual operating budget for Need - Ashland Middle School Youth Service Center is in need of zip binders with shoulder straps. National PTA comprises millions of families, students, teachers, administrators, and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of family engagement in schools. Specific Responsibilities: • Review Bylaws, Policy Statements and Job Descriptions of the PTO to insure that they serve the changing needs of the Betances STEM community. com the association, assembles a binder or folder labeled with the year for the archives in the pta closet. Apr 10, 2017 · Oversee the committee system of the PTO. The PTO membership shall vote to accept or reject committee plans and recommendations. The minutes from each PTO meeting will be posted within two weeks on the PTO website and in the PTO secretary’s binder. Co-officers are an General PTO meeting minutes are to be posted on the PTO bulletin board, in the office, in the PTO binder and posted on the Holmes School website approximately one week after the meeting. 2. Also, please note that there is a $15. Leave space for, or get from the PTO president, print outs of the Event Planning Form and After Event Form to include in the Event Binder. 6. All items purchased as gifts will be managed and maintained by the recipient not the PTO. You can work with the Communications VP for help and assistance. Many volunteer opportunities exist for parents and guardians including the ever favorite Prom Czar and PTO Vice President. Margaret of York School while building SMOY This website is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Information Distribution Methods A. President: The PTO President meets monthly with our principal and also attends a monthly meeting with the other PTO presidents in Littleton Public Schools. This person We still have some positions open for this year. Assemble and maintain Committee Binders, including updating the  pta membership flyer template 156 best volunteer recruitment images on As PTO President, do you have an organized binder to fall back on when life. Teachers raved that they had never seen the PTA run so well. OFFICER DUTIES & RESPONSIBLITIES Vice President(s) If your bylaws list more than 1 vice president, their separate duties will be listed in Article VII. Support Western Though Donations The Western PTO raises money through donations from parents. com . The vice president(s) should make a thorough study of the president’s duties and responsibilities and be familiar with the work of the association. Important Dates! May 5 – Teacher/Staff Luncheon – Cinco de Mayo! –Special PTO Meeting vote for PTO Mar 15, 2018 · Is your PTO storage space out of control? I share tips and tricks for keeping your PTO space organized, whether it's in your own home or at school! Products* When the majority of people think about the force behind a school district’s parent teacher organization, PTO gets first male president as dads step up Binder said some of the HVPTO The PTO President is the liaison between the committee and the Executive board. Complete Guide + Form Collection for PTA PTO Presidents, Treasurers, Membership Chairs, Fundraising Chairs, Room Parents Printable Resource. Please make or email 3 copies of the completed report. 3. Receive and pay bills. Phone: 205-402-5350 Fax: 205-402-5354 Chairpersons of standing committees shall be appointed by the President. org. PTO Executive Board Job Descriptions The President shall set the agenda and preside at all meetings of the organization and Executive Council and shall perform such duties as may be prescribed in these by-laws or assigned by the organization or by the executive council; and shall coordinate and support the work of the More detail found in bylaws and binder. x. C. 77oz (22g) 2: Crayola 7" Colored Pre Sharpened Pencils 12ct: 1: Purple Plastic Folders with 3 Holes Patent and trademark information in the United States, including free database searching of registered trademarks, registration information, pricing and contact phone numbers. Provide budget reports at the Executive Board meetings. Keep accurate records of income and expenses. He/She preside over the PTO executive board and the monthly PTO meetings. (f) Attend to any official correspondence of the PTO, including, but not limited to, thank you notes and notes of sympathy on behalf of the PTO. Represent the PTO at all city-wide meetings outside of the organization. PTO President and Volunteer at Poudre School District Melanie Panichelle. We’ve started a new tradition of renting a large cabin early in the holiday season and… Read More Since the student's education is a partnership between school and home, we encourage parent involvement. Know and understand PTO policies, programs, and procedures. Prepare agendas for PTO meetings. The President will manage the operations of the PTA Unit. 7:00pm Introductions: Omitted Secretary – Approval of Minutes Not necessary as the previous minutes were from a separate year President’s Report New Bulletin Board: We have a new system this year for Winstead Elementary School 2019 – 2020 School Supply List Kindergarten . VENDORS: If our event involves an outside vendor, Please contact a PTO president. Vice President: The Vice President shall assist the President and preside in any instance the President is unavailable. Check out our PTO Today Plus program and learn about Plus benefits and get customer feedback. Keep a copy of the Manchester PTO 501c3 form in Treasurer binder. report to the president on a regular basis about fundraiser goals and achievements and maintain a binder with all information to the position to be passed on to successor. Once final approval received, the flyer will be distributed accordingly by the PTO Provide date to PTO Secretary with a copy to the PTO President. The idea is to have one for each child so that all of their important things can be in their binder. PTO BY-LAWS ARTICLE 1: NAME The name of this organization shall be St. Reason for Audit: Kerry Cross, PTO President, asked me to join the PTO Audit Committee and we agreed that the audit should be done prior to the start of the 2012-2013 school year. Being PTO President or PTA President is a lot of work. A copy of the Annual PTO Budget for School Needs is in the PTO binder. It’s just the right stuff one will need to make it through a year on the PTO. The original contract will be retained by the PTO Treasurer; a copy of the contract should be kept in the Committee Binder. Once the item/expense is paid for, the receipt (attached to the request form) needs to be submitted to the President at least 24 hours prior to the PTO meeting. They are here to be your ears and your voices in casting vision for Euclid's future. a. PTO will be selling pizzas so plan to order a few extra to give to the volunteers. All board members are expected to attend monthly PTO Board and General Meetings. There, you can shop the Supply Sale fundraiser each fall, see volunteer opportunities, receive emails from the PTO about Pizitz events, and if you choose to join the PTO by paying $10 dues, you gain access to the school's online directory. The presidents chair the general PTO meetings and PTO board meetings, as well The vice presidents will be responsible for overseeing their binder of events  The officers of this Organization shall be a President, Vice-President Tax exempt forms are to be kept in the PTO binder in the copy room, or a copy can be   President. Next PTO General Meeting will be determined by the 2013-2014 new Board. If such special committees are appointed by the Executive Board or the President they shall be reported and explained to the PTO at its next regular meeting. File appropriate government forms. Maintain a job binder to be given to successor. Our next meeting of this school year is Thursday, September 19th at 6:30 in the Halifax Elementary Library. This August “Round Up” is a very detailed guide for the entire school year and will be the only like this. donna. Meet the PlayersAt Manteo High School, our players are student-athletes and academic achievement comes first. See more ideas about Parents as teachers, Pta school and Teacher organization. The President's Success Kit comes with everything you need to put together the ultimate binder to stay organized throughout your term, including detailed month by month guidance! What you should be doing as a PTO President right now It’s Back to School time! And while parents are readying their kiddos for getting back to the swing of things, parent volunteers for PTO and PTA groups have other things on their minds. 81 by-laws, the school’s principal and the PTO President shall select The Volunteer Coordinator(s). The key to being a great PTO President or PTA President is to stay organized! And there's too much information to keep track of without having a system to back you up. Provide a supportive atmosphere to the staff of the School to foster opportunities so that each child may grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. com or Vicky Shannon, VP of Volunteers, at vshannon4@gmail. Each committee is assigned a PTO Board Liaison and the PTO President and Board Liaison serve as ex-officio members of all committees. The president acts as a guide to all VP's and will be responsible for overall PTA as needed; and maintenance of President's Procedures and Activities Binder. The Vice President shall also The PTO President and SBE Principal must approve all flyers. • 1 filed in VP binder and • 1 forwarded to Unit PTO President The committee wrap-up report template is available online at shaker. Delegate responsibilities to Officers/members when needed; i. The Co-Vice Presidents shall act as aides to the presidents and shall be delegated the duties of the presidents in case of absence or inability to serve. For questions regarding the DHS Presidential Transition Office please email transition2017@hq. The Vice President will: 1. Jo Mock, President 2019-2020. ARTICLE V – OFFICERS AND THEIR DUTIES The Executive Board, as set out above in ARTICLE III, Section 4, shall serve a term of office from July 1 to June 30, with the exception of the President Elect, who shall serve Mercer PTO Committee Report Please complete this report as soon as your event/ project is complete. ” CONTRACTS AND TIPPING. Your contributions help us to support WAHS teacher requests. Write an article From the President to be included in the PTO Newsletter. : committees. Ensure all After Action Reports (AAR) are done and submitted, copied, and placed in Agenda and meetings folder. In the event the Bylaws are changed to shorten the terms of office, officers will continue to serve through the terms for which they were originally elected. The Perfect PTO President Job Description Do this, not that for PTO Presidents. Use your committee members to hash out issues, consider alternatives and come to a decision. Be prepared to speak at various functions, including but not limited to, Newcomer’s Orientation, Open House and PTO General Meetings. Discuss all business which requires voting with the PTO President in advance of PTO meetings so this business can be put on the agenda. Compile and keep a working file of volunteers for various events that have been supplied by data received at student registration or general PTO meetings. melanieaspto@gmail. 2019-2020 Committee Chairs . ) Browse PTOtoday. Have and maintain a current copy of the By-laws and Standing Rules. the FCHS PTO website. The President's Success Kit was created from years of PTA leadership experience. Become President the following year. The President shall: a. The Mane Tail January 29, 2016 1 February February 2 District Spelling Bee-Good Luck Vittal 8 9:30 PTO Meeting Sampson12 Spirit Shop 15 Student Holiday Looking Ahead – March 10th PBIS Family Walk Dear Parents, We would like for you to participate in a brief online survey about Sampson Elementary. Any contract for services MUST be approved by the PTO President. Gather info from all board members for the AAR. At the President or Vice President’s request write or send any correspondence needed by the board. Jul 14, 2016 · Before I became PTA President I had no idea how helpful my previous PTA experience would be. The President (or Co-Presidents) (Time commitment: ~2-4 hour/week) shall: a. Section 3 - For all PTO meetings in which business is conducted, the President or Vice-President must attend and preside, along with a quorum of the Executive Board. Arrange a time with the President. During the Spring of the second year, the Wheeler PTO President will call for nominations for upcoming open positions on the Executive board no WSPTA President’s Power of Connection – December 2019. 5" White View Vinyl Binder: 1: PTO President: Casey Conley Website maintained by Town Center Elementary PTO. Act as an aide to the President and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence of that officer. 5. The Recording Secretary also keeps a copy of the meeting minutes’ binder, by-laws, rules, membership list, and any other necessary supplies and brings them to meetings. Everyone is part of the Clovercroft PTO. When complete put one copy in the binder and give another copy to your PTO board liason. (See job binder for duties) C. 7. It seems like there's simply too many moving parts and too many opinions andidas to juggle. 4 Crayons – Crayola – 24 ct; 1 Dry Erase Markers – Expo – 4 color set – chisel Parents, please bring your student's school supplies to "MEET THE TEACHERS" night (date to be announced)3-YEAR-OLDS SCHOOL SUPPLIES run and will be kept in a binder in office and PTO gmail account. PTO again expressed its gratitude for Brandie Jo’s volunteer efforts. Assist the PTO Officers with proposed budgets for Projected amount CLPE will request from PTO annually-$7,520. Learn more information here. e. Click here to see the PTO Board Assignments to determine your Board Liaison. Deborah has 5 jobs listed on their profile. call meetings to order on time and proceed with business c. Dec 8, 2015 - Explore shutupkrys's board "PTO Binder", followed by 370 people on Pinterest. Shall keep a permanent record of these minutes in a binder for historical purposes for five (5) years . The PTO is made up of several officers: Amber Vogt, President; Sam Burleson, Vice  The mission of the YSWPCS Parent-Teacher Organization, or PTO, is to The PTO maintains a binder with completed volunteer clearances; it is located in the  30 Jun 2019 President's role and responsibilities in running a. ARTICLE II: PURPOSE Mission of PTO To Support school faculty and Catholic Education of all students at St. To SGA parents and teachers, We have a proposed date of October 24th for this year’s Fall Festival. The Boyce PTO is proud to announce that the Gaga Pit and new protective sport flooring has been installed and the kids are ready for action! Gaga is a fast paced high energy sport with multiple players which combines the skills of dodging, striking, running and jumping — a great way to spend recess. Make copies to distribute to all PTP. Please consider volunteering your time to help our Eagle Kiddos! 2017-18 PTO Board Openings. Executive Board member - Vice President This is a three year commitment. Mary Jean Cooper Co-President 2019-2020 . With over 51% of the PTO budget allocated to Departmental Programs and Elective Classes, and almost 45% to Student, Teacher and Administration Support, EVERY student benefits from the wide variety of enrichment in all subjects and academic programs. Louis Pizitz Middle School. Submit two copies to your Vice President and one to the President. Let me show you an easier way to put together a PTO calendar for an entire year that'll make it seem like a walk in the park! Dec 29, 2018 · A former Imperial Beach PTA president is wanted for allegedly embezzling as much as $40,000 from funds meant for students, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. (g) Hold a copy of the PTO Bylaws and current Membership list and make available, upon request, to any PTO member at any PTO or Executive Board meeting. The Recording Secretary shall keep and records of the organization, take and record minutes, and handle correspondence. • California State PTA policies, procedures and. When the PTO president believes that discussion is complete, the PTO president shall ask if there is a motion to approve. filled out and submitted to the PTO Treasurer and President for approval. be made payable to HES PTO. the PTO’s decisions and actions, be informed of what is going on at Boyce, but is only a one year commitment. Why make it harder on yourself by trying to figure out everything on your own? Make it easy for yourself by getting the tools you need to do your job as President. As a member, you get free resources, first In her role last year as the PTO president at Smoky Row Elementary in Carmel, Ind. d. Communication with Mercer Community Mercer Mailbox May 21, 2017 · EXECUTIVE BOARD: Consists of President, Past President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President Budget/Finance, Vice-President VIPS/Membership, Vice-President Administration and School Principal. For parents & PTO Committee Chairs: Volunteer Form PTO Reimbursement Form (refer to PTO Board Guidelines for reimbursement policies & procedures) PTO Deposit Form The most important thing about PTO fundraisers, though, is whether they make the money you budgeted for or not. Have an Event Binder prepared for the next PTO meeting that includes notes, flyers, posters (all support materials) and ideas to improve the event. Section 3. adhere to the policies and procedures described in the Treasurer's binder, and. When planning a field trip, event, or visit, teachers check this binder to see if the adult volunteers involved have their clearances. We hope you will spend a few moments and review these suggestions before making a final decision on which PTO fundraiser you choose. Welcome your child's teacher back to school with this awesome printable label and tag teacher survival kit set! What a sweet and thoughtful way to start the beginning of the year Feb 05, 2019 · Vice President • Act as an aide to the President and perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President • Handle all correspondence, that is, sending email to membership, posting to social media on behalf of Sandburg PTO, and maintaining the Sandburg PTO web page President: The PTO President meets monthly with our principal and also attends a monthly meeting with the other PTO presidents in Littleton Public Schools. Make sure to sign the  The Florida PTA Kit of Materials will be sent electronically to the registered local unit President, Secretary and Treasurer, each year. Please give a copy of the flyer to the office secretaries and e mail one to the PTO President to ensure a copy is put in the PTO Office Binder. Compile and keep a working file of volunteers for various events that have been supplied by Join our TeamAre you interested in playing sports at Manteo High School?Our teams have been state and nationally recognized. Perfect gift for a selfless, hardworking PTO President who gets paid in smiles and thank yous. In accordance with School District No. The Chairperson shall keep accurate financial records and notation in Committee binder. The President shall have an understanding of parliamentary procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, and ensure all PTO business and meetings are conducted in this manner. F. com the office of the Vice President shall not be filled. “This procedure book is the property of _____ [name of unit] and is to be given to the incoming officer/chairperson at the end of the term. b. The immediate past-president shall remain a member of the Executive Committee Board for one year. If you are interested in learning more, contact Catherine Laurenzi, PTO President, at catherinelaurenzi@yahoo. This printable kit has everything you'll need to set up a President's Being in charge of any organization is not easy, but there are tools to help! There are volunteers (like me!) who are willing to share their experiences that you can draw upon to make tweaks in your own organization. PTO approved to write a check for $7520. Email Rhonda Reid if you are interested. PTA. The Eagle Elementary School PTO needs YOU! Without the PTO many events and activities would not exist at Eagle Elementary. Summary: Kelly Smith has continued to perform well for the Crescent Elementary School PTO in his capacity as Treasurer. She said she could do that. The Executive Board shall conduct the business of the Board and the Poe PTO between Board meetings as is reasonable and appropriate, and The PTO maintains a binder with completed volunteer clearances; it is located in the main office. Please make sure they are copied on all e-mail correspondence with your committee members. PTO Treasurer Responsibilities. WELLNESS OF BODY AND MIND Active participation in our inclusive, competitive sports program helps students develop resilience, an appreciation of team dynamics, a strong work ethic, and values-based sportsmanship. 4. and deadlines. We love  30 Apr 2019 PTA Seeking Volunteers for President, Secretary, Treasurer & Board email to Treasurer and keep a copy in binder; Ongoing: Work with all  This has everything you need to keep your PTO / PTA / Parent Club organized! Includes: - Parent Notes - Sign-In Sheets - Agenda Templates - Binder Dividers  6 May 1987 The Principal Officers of this organization are: President and Treasurer. The very last thing that all PTO President’s must have, but perhaps the most important is an organized President’s Binder! I’ve already talked about how much time is involved with running a PTO, so the last thing you need to deal with is not having resources right at your fingertips! Aug 18, 2015 · Being as I have been the PTO President in the past, I know a few tips and tricks to help one survive the PTO. The Lakeshore Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) strives to support, unify and coordinate efforts between home and school that will contribute to the intellectual, cultural, emotional, physical and social development of children. Appoint special committees as Promote the enrichment of education at Valley View Elementary School. Parent Booster USA makes it easy to start and run a booster club. Compile and keep a working file of volunteers for various events that have been This has everything you need to keep your PTO / PTA / Parent Club organized! Includes: - Parent Notes - Sign-In Sheets - Agenda Templates - Binder Dividers and Covers - Calendars This file is editable and has both black line and colored options! So many PTO leaders tell me that they most have trouble planning for their PTO. Reports: President: Raun Bullard ­ welcomes anyone with questions or comments to reach out to her at (480)540­0477 or sweetpetite297@yahoo. BEMS PTO President 3 Amy Brown Issue #: [Date] Dolor Sit Amet Welcome from your PTO President PTO Newsletter May 2014 Come to the PTO meeting on May 13th at 9:00am to vote in the PTO Executive Board for the 2014-15 School Year. 2020 Pizitz Drive Vestavia Hills, AL 35216. This year we have many openings. Remember the purposes and basic policies that guide PTO activities. m. The best place to get PTO information is to create an account with the PTO's Membership Toolkit. Participation in Erickson's Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is one way to get involved. Address any financial concerns to the officers of the Executive Board. Making one, large PTO binder with all forms, volunteer interest sheets, calendar, contact into, etc. TREASURER. Additionally, the President is responsible for distributing an informational brochure welcoming new families to the school. Therefore, I have created a PTO Survival Kit and free printable to use with the kit. RMS PTO COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON CHECKLIST AND GUIDELINES CONTRACTS AND TIPPING Any contract for services MUST be approved by the PTO President. DUTIES OF PTO OFFICERS The President shall: Preside at all scheduled General PTO Meetings and Executive Board meetings Appoint all chairpersons of standing and special committees with the approval of the Executive Board Become familiar with and uphold the PTO bylaws Sign all contracts and documents authorized by the Executive Board The Chelmsford Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, gender identity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or homelessness. The President will contact you regarding your request. My family has gotten fairly large, and getting 29 of us together for holidays is tough. Becoming familiar with the ins and outs of committees and responsibilities will equip you to fulfill your role as PTA President. Please provide the Treasurer with a copy of any contract and W-9, when applicable. An election will be held every two years to select the Executive Board of the Wheeler PTO. Will issue new, final budget at end of June. Sanko for final approval prior to distribution. We hope to see you there! We are pleased to announce that you can support the PTO with your Amazon purchases! Such special committees shall be created by the Executive Board, the PTO Board or the President as may be required to promote the purposes and interests of the PTO. Preside at all meetings of the organization. Section 4. Here’s what you get with the fillable and ready to print PTA / PTO President's Success Kit that’s customized for the 2019-2020 school year: The PTO President Success Kit has everything you need to pull together an organized binder in minutes. A copy of the Treasurer Guidelines will be kept in the current HCE PTA President’s binder as well as in the Treasurer’s binders. In this post, I’m going to cover some other easy ways to get your PTA / PTO organized! A. Preside over all meetings of the PTO, prepare each meeting’s agenda. gov. The President-Elect shall assume the office of the President at the expiration of the term, act as an aide to the President, attend all Executive Board and General Membership meetings, perform duties of the President in the absence or inability of the President to serve, and become intimately acquainted with all <SCHOOL NAME> PTO operations. c. All information that appears in “The Roundup” newsletter must be approved by the PTO President and the Sunset Elementary School Principal or Assistant Principal. If you'd like more information on the PTO, any PTO event, would like to volunteer, or have any other questions please Click Here E. Requests for funds for projects not listed in the PTO budget must be emailed or posted on the website 14 days before a PTO meeting. Weller Elementary School PTO Board Minutes May 13, 2014 Page 2 Treasurer’s Report Nancy Fuller Budget Update (attached). Description QTY; Elmer's Washable Purple Glue Stick 0. in the Media Center! We look forward to hearing your ideas!!! We have a great team. Shall keep all meeting minutes for any/all PTO meetings. President PTO Board: The following as officers may serve as the board by volunteer or elected basis. School is starting soon! As you are shopping for your own please consider picking up an extra zip binder with shoulder strap for another student who may need one. The cost to the PTO is about $2,500. Section 1- The Secretary will maintain a listing of all PTO inventory and their locations. The Vice Presidents are responsible for the conference call equipment for PTO meetings and additional events such as the Freshman Parent Coffee in the fall. Follow Forest Hills Public School and Ada Elementary’s policies and procedures. included on the HHMS PTO website. Attendance at all PTO meetings is mandatory, unless approved by President. “I had to have all that information all the time in front of me,” she says. Would like short bio and a photo from each board member for Facebook & school’s website. Principal i. 7th Grade Supply List for Shackelford Junior High 2016-2017. Your teachers will inform you of any other supplies needed for their particular class at Open House or the first week of school. PTO. Please e-mail current The PTO president, or his/her designee, shall then ask if there is further discussion. These committees will be determined by the Executive Officers. Positions may be held as Co- officers, if agreeable to both parties. Granger PTO After Project Report Please retain one copy for your event binder and also give copies to the PTO president and treasurer before the next PTO meeting. Some of the sections are: homework, artwork, grades, and calendar. When you have a decision that must be debated or discussed in detail, please do that during a committee meeting, not a general PTO meeting. com for new ideas and resources and to connect with other PTO leaders. Oversee all PTA sponsored fundraising and parent involvement Keep Membership Meeting minutes & Board Minutes in separate binders in the  agreement of the Principal and President with input from the PTO Executive f. Fall Festival News. 00 for the school year 2015-2016. The following PTO fundraising ideas are not extremely unique but all have provided proven results. E. D. 1. Texas PTA assists PTAs in building their CommYOUnity through programs that promote student achievement, creativity and inclusiveness. , Robin Walsh carried a three-ring, 3-inch PTO binder with her everywhere. Maintain a notebook / binder describing his/her actions and the activities and projects undertaken during the course of the year, and present the notebook / binder to the incoming chair after completing his/her term as chair. Have all the forms and checklists you'll need for a successful term at your fingertips! The PTO President Success Kit has everything you need to pull together an organized binder in minutes. The Principal, President and/or President-Elect will meet to discuss the activities for the upcoming year. Sep 19, 2019- Yes Madam or Mr. The Employer Identification Number is located in the legal documents binder. The secretaries are also responsible for the day-to-day PTO issues including: publicizing all Executive Board and PTO meetings for the school and any other 1. The fastest way to get organized as a PTO President. Apr 18, 2017 · Oversee the committee system of the PTO. Prepare information for a Budget Committee meeting to be held in July or August. President! You are in charge and we have the resources you need!. 00 (not including teachers additional requests). Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the organization in order that the PTO objectives may be promoted. We will use this This step is critically important to maintain financial integrity. Shall fulfill all functions delegated to her/him by the (President and /or Executive Board. Assist the President, and chair meetings in the absence of the President. The PTO is an organization striving to make a difference for LMS students by providing the best educational tools and resources possible. In addition, PTO needs to purchase a couple more cases of water for resale. Does the thought of running a PTO meeting make you sick to your stomach? Do you relate to being Worried that you don't know the right way to run a  If you are an SFdS parent, you are already a part of the PTO! The whole purpose of the Yanh Lee, Vice President Karen Chan-Reumuth Each family has a page for logging SOS points in a binder kept at the front desk. Jul 27, 2016 · I really thought that my “lead” president year was going to be pretty low key, but in reality, it was probably one of the toughest years of my life. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority of the PTO Executive Board. The PTO Secretary shall act Call to Order by Mellie Price – PTO Board President. Shall, along with the President keep a copy of all legal documents pertinent to the Glenwood Cubbies PTO. 00 returned check fee. Serving in a variety of roles is the perfect training ground. 185 N Heartz Rd; 4. PTO Minutes October 07, 2019 – Spring Creek Elementary School (president), Emily Omlin (VP), Erin Martin Secretary Debbie will get book together for April - Attend PTO Executive Board Meeting, date and time determined by PTO President - Attend PTO Meeting - Attend School Board Meeting if expected by PTO Exec Board - Send out template for board reports and request updates to existing ones May - Attend PTO Executive Board Meeting, date and time determined by PTO President - Attend PTO Meeting PTO Secretary Job Description Characteristics: Desire to serve the PTO, the school, and ultimately the students Understanding of the organization’s mission Good listening skills Effective communication skills Good computer skills Strong organizational skills The secretary’s responsibilities include both record-keeping and communications. We provide information, training, and help to set up and operate booster clubs and PTOs. going forward into next year. Rose PTO Job Descriptions The following PTO Board positions are categorized as either Fundraising Committees overseen by the Vice President Fundraising, Special Program Committees overseen by the President or Services Committees overseen by the Vice President Services. Infographic of 13 mistakes PTA Presidents and PTO Presidents make with advice on what to do instead to be a better leader and run a stronger PTO / PTA. THE VICE PRESIDENT DOES THE FOLLOWING: PTO Treasurer Responsibilities. Please take a look at the Volunteer form or contact the PTO President to see where you will fit in! If you have completed your chair position for the year, please complete the Committee Chair Report. The PTO provides many President: Shauna Hogan & Kathy Boebel. ” Once your communication is drafted, please submit it to the PTO President and Mr. All members of the organization will determine dates and times of such meetings. maintain bulletin board and PTO mailbox throughout the year e. 11 Jul 2019 Looking to organize your volunteer role as PTO Vice President or PTA Vice President? These printable binder pages are just the ticket to  Ten printable forms every PTO President needs for a sucessful term to stay organized and on top of the job! Great advice printable pto pta president's binder Kristi Tarrant, PTO President Melinda Milner, Vice President Chelena Minhinnett, Secretary Lacee Jones, Treasurer Heather Lybbert, Volunteer Coordinator Folders: Weeden Jackson; Read-A-Thon/RUSH: Abby Jacobs/Becky Binder/ On behalf of the PTO, we would like to welcome everyone back to school. Appoint chairpersons to special committees. Jul 31, 2013 · In this school binder, there are several sections. (Yes, there will be paper documents to file. (See job binder for duties). The binder shall keep all memberships, meeting minutes, PTO memos, meeting Reaper Binder Tractor Mounted "A tractor is of no use without implements” – draws our attention towards the fact that not all the tractors sold can be solely put to the use of transporting farm produce by attaching a trolley, but opportunities are opening up for tractor-drawn farm implements and other equipment. Collect all money received by PTO and deposit into the PTO bank account in a timely manner. The carnival fundraising goal was $5,500 to $8,000. PTO Display Case: PTO Event Photographer Other events that we have had in the past and/or would be interested in hosting in the future if someone wanted to spearhead include: Bounce, Play & Create fundraiser, Jump fundraiser, Holiday Bazaar, ACAC family night, 5K/color/fun run, end of year picnic, etc. PTA Board Position Descriptions *President. This time of year reminds me of the family and friends connections that I hold most dear. Hastings PTO Logo Download the logo for use in flyers or other printed materials. The members of the Reconciliation Committee must conduct the reconciliation in accordance with the procedures listed in the Texas PTA Financial Reconciliation Committee Checklist and the HCE PTO letterhead or state that the PTO sponsors the event. Vice-President/President Elect (2 year term) - Attend executive board meetings; assist the president and preside over executive board meetings in the absence of the president; serve as president in the second year of the term; recruit PTO members; provide input on PTO webpage content. We work together with Lakeshore's dedicated teachers, staff, and parents to make our childrens' educational experiences the best they can be. Checks should be made payable to “RMS PTO. The president serves as the presiding officer of the Local PTA and presides over executive board and general membership meetings. See more ideas about Pto today, Pta and Pta school. From the President. The PTO is a terrific way to get involved with your child's education and connect with our fantastic East School community! Please join us to help make our school the best that it can be! SINCERELY, Dawn Murray EAST PTO President 2019-20 You will also find the “Round Up Flyer” which is a brief summary in your child’s COLT binder at the beginning of the month. Save the date for our NEXT PTO Meeting on 1/16/20 at 6:30 p. The PTO provides many hours of volunteer work in the classrooms and at various activities. Secretary GENERAL DUTIES: Keep binder with historic and current PTO records, Tax ID info, Current Bylaws, Minutes and other PTO records. Teacher preference sheets has been collected and compiled into a binder that can be found in the Whether you have a few hours per week or a few hours per year, we have many opportunities for you to contribute. It is the president’s responsibility to be well prepared. Also, leftover Scholastic Books will be donated to the event. Every student at Cooper and at other elementary schools district-wide read the same book each winter. Gay Avenue Primary School PTO Officer Descriptions President The President shall: 1. Jun 28, 2016 · The mission of the PTO is to ensure continuity of operations and a seamless transition from the current administration to the next administration through thorough planning, preparation, and collaboration across DHS and with the interagency. The following are just some of the resources and programs that Pioneer PTO will support this year. In collaboration with the President of Operations, write the President’s Letter in PTO Times. If you complete it electronically you can then email it to your VP and they will take care of distributing it. Jan 11, 2020 - Shop the very best PTO organizing solutions like binders, 10 Forms You Need as PTO President to stay organized and on top of your game  What every PTA/ PTO leader needs: The ultimate President's binder with loads of resources to keep your parent group running smoothly! 11 Dec 2019 When you said yes to being President, you totally thought you'd be handed a binder with everything you needed to know about being President  7 May 2019 As with wedding planning, it's best to break the PTO president's work Also, organize your own new president's binder and file space at home. Please talk to a PTO president Jaclyn Benedetto and/or Kristin Harmon before submitting for permit or certificate of insurance. My husband left his job and I was left to make all of our income along with being PTO president. We handle the paperwork so you don't have to! Steuart W. Please notify the PTO president and secretary of any new business to be discussed Vice-President/President Elect (2 year term) - Assist the president and preside over meetings in the absence of the president; serve as president in the second year of the term; recruit PTO members; provide input on PTO webpage content. Section 2-PTO Binder 1. PTO Presidents work hard! And they need to laugh hard too! This PTO President Funny Quote Volunteer Appreciation Shirt is for hardworking volunteers leading their parent teacher organizations or groups at their kids school. I had kids at three different schools. maintain a fair and impartial position at all times b. Outside vendors including a DJ must PTO President, Cat Hart, called the meeting to order at 7:16pm. This form can be found on the PTO website. The first year is Vice President, the second year is President and the third year is Board Advisor. Margaret of York (SMOY) Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). View Deborah Blomstrom’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Also, organize your own new president’s binder and file space at home. Make PTO more personal so others know who we are & what we do. Below is a list of supplies needed for the 2016-17 school year. The Budget Committee consists of the President, the Treasurer, the Second Vice President(s), the immediate Past President, the immediate Past Treasurer, and two (2) members appointed by the President. Do this, not that for PTO Presidents. This binder can carry on through the rest of the grades. But it doesn't have to be that way. BYLAWS The PTO Bylaws contain these provisions relating to the duties of the President or Co-Presidents: Article VIII, Officers and Their Election, Section 1: Each officer or board member of Central School PTO shall be a member of Central School PTO. Any PTO member may make a motion to approve a proposal. A certificate of Insurance from PTO Council is necessary for any event held off school grounds. Maintain the Hardcopy Binder G. The usual process of getting things set up is for each homeroom to have a parent that oversees the class’ booth. Oct 30, 2019 · The PTO will pay for all the books Cooper Elementary needs for the annual "One District One Book" project, PTO president Tia Glover said. BYLAWS OF SAN MARCOS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER on PTO activities to the general membership in attendance. PTO Presidents and PTA Presidents will love how easy this kit makes it to pull together an organized President's Binder in mere minutes! Here’s what you get with the fillable and ready to print PTA / PTO President's Success Kitcustomized for the 2019-2020 school year: 145 pages of pure printable organizing bliss Set up instructions Get your planner set up and customized in mere minutes! Binder Cover Choose from PTO President or PTA President, both are included Looking to organize your volunteer role as PTA or PTO President? These printable binder pages are just the ticket to getting everything organized in one place! Get everything together so you can spend less time looking for what you need to do your role as President! Nothing will be mailed to you President’s Binder. Erin Henderson, treasurer asked Brandie Jo if she would be willing to write down her popcorn ‘system’ so we can include it in our PTO binder for posterity. com. pto president binder